The Reasons children do delinquency

the Reasons children do delinquency|problem children, delinquency, children
The Reasons children do delinquency 
1. Show strength 
Challenging and argumentative behavior often arises when a child tries to regain power. For example, when children refuse to be asked to clean their rooms, they are reluctant to stay away from the television. Parents can offer two options to the child, such as whether he or she prefers to clean the room now or after watching television. This can reduce the child's many arguments while increasing the likelihood of obedience to instructions. 
2. Unmet needs 
When a young child feels hungry, tired or sick, usually bad behavior follows. However, parents can take precautions by finding out what the child's needs are not met when suddenly angry. 
3. Weapons to get what you want 
Telling children not to cry or whine in the mall by buying toys that they ask for is an attitude that can make children confident that this way will make parents understand their desires. To get around this, parents can explain to young children the importance of comparing whether buying one item can be an effective way to meet their demand. 
4. Have mental problems 
Sometimes children have mental health problems that cause their problematic behavior. Call it ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or a disorder of brain development that causes sufferers to become hyperactive, impulsive, and difficult to concentrate. In addition, frequent anxiety or depression can also contribute to a child's good and bad behavior. Parents can consult a pediatrician or professional who understands mental health is certainly the right way to overcome this problem.