The Right Solution for Children with Critical Questions

The Right Solution for Children with Critical Questions|Critical, Children, Solution
The Right Solution for Children with Critical Questions 
'Mah, why are bicycle wheels round', 'Pah, how can airplanes fly?', 'Mah, why is the sky blue?'. father and mother will often be bombarded with questions like this when your little one enters pre-school age. Critical children ask questions should not be left because parents need to be patient in answering them. father and mother should not be bored in answering Little One's questions and the answers given need to be adapted to their thinking patterns. The great curiosity possessed by children shows that they are entering a phase for critical thinking. Of course this is important for growth and development. Characteristics of Children Who Think, Critically The characteristics of critical children start from them often asking questions and as parents it is certainly important to direct them by giving the right answers. 


Children's development in recognizing differences, remembering and even observing the environment will increase. This causes more questions to be asked. There are several characteristics of critical thinking children that need to be considered by parents before giving the right answer as follows: 1. Better Communication Skills Children often ask questions not necessarily think critically, especially if they often repeat questions without asking anything in depth. His communication skills will be better if he is able to analyze the answers from his parents. Some children won't even accept a parent's or older person's answer right away. That's why the child will ask deeper questions about the topic he wants to know. 2. More Confidence Critical children ask it means that their self-confidence is very good. Children also will not think again to ask things that make them curious. In this case, parents should not just answer or even reject the question. The impact can make children lose the confidence that should have been built since childhood. 3. Asking Questions That Feel Indecent father and mother will probably listen to some rude questions from children. But that does not mean at that time father and mother had to scold the child, because they did not know that his question could offend others. It is precisely at this time that the role of parents is to be able to direct their children not to ask questions that could hurt others. Even if necessary, give answers that can make your little one respect other people. Recognizing these characteristics is very important for father and mother to be able to foster children's confidence and remain polite. 


5 Solutions When Critical Children Ask. Forming critical children can be started from the answers given to their questions. Not a few parents who feel overwhelmed by the questions given. But still enjoy the process because it is part of your little one's development. Some of the following solutions father and mother can follow when children start asking critical questions. 
1. Listening Well to Your Little One's Questions 
The first solution is to listen carefully to any questions. Listening well is also one of the right steps to teach your little one to also listen to questions from other people. Parents who don't listen to their child's questions because they are busy will lower their self-confidence. If their question is very long then listen patiently before giving an answer. 
2. Answering a Question 
You don't always have to give answers in the form of explanations, fathefr and mother can also give questions back to the Little One. For example, 'what do you think about your sister?' or 'that's been explained by Mama, let's try to remember what?'. This method will be effective for answering children's repeated questions. It also invites children to remember and think critically. 
3. Trying to Practice Children's Questions 
Some children will definitely ask something that is forbidden. For example, the prohibition of littering. ''Why can't you throw trash on the floor Pah?'. Papa could try to throw some trash on the floor. Then explain to the child that the garbage that is scattered on the floor is unsightly and makes it dirty. Just invite the children to clean up the trash on the floor together. Indirectly children are taught to maintain cleanliness. 
4. Invite your little one to join in the search for answers 
When critical children ask questions related to science, it will be easier if father and mother invites them to find answers. Invite your little one to find the answer in a museum or educational park with lots of props. If you don't have time to go out, you can also use a virtual encyclopedia that is easy to access. Help your little one to find the answer together. 
5. Switch To Something More Interesting 
There must be times for children to ask questions about sensitive and difficult things to answer, such as adult topics. It is at this time that father and mother needs to give a short answer then invite your little one to do other more interesting activities such as cooking or playing with new games. 


Children are still easily distracted, so if father and mother are still confused about explaining it or the topic has not been answered correctly, distract them. Handling children who are at the age of asking questions is not easy for father and mother, it takes patience to deal with it. Always give them the opportunity to ask questions, listen and provide feedback.