This is Ice Fire! New Energy Predicted to Replace Oil and Gas Recently

This is Ice Fire! New Energy Predicted to Replace Oil and Gas Recently|Energy, Replace, Oil and Gas
This-is-Ice-Fire!-New-Energy-PredictedEnergy resources have been discovered in Indonesia which are predicted to be a substitute for conventional fuel oil and gas (oil and gas) called "Ice Fire" This new natural resource can be produced for up to 800 years. At present, the gas hydrate whose location of discovery has not been disclosed is still completely untouched. The government is currently trying to develop fire ice into a new alternative natural resource to support national energy security in the future. It is hoped that this can be a new alternative energy source that aims to support Indonesia's energy security in the next 800 years. Fire ice is not a liquid like oil or other solids just coal, the form of methane hydrate resembles ice crystals. Although it is called ice, its structure is flammable and gives off fire. Inside the ice crystal, which is composed of water molecules, it forms a cavity-like structure that can be filled with large amounts of methane gas molecules in it.

So there is a confinement of water molecules, then in the middle it traps hydrocarbon molecules such as methane, C2, C3 and also CO2. Gas hydrate is often referred to as fire ice. Fire ice is apparently not a new natural resource. This compound has been found since 1960 in Russia. The discovery of this compound was published in one of the oldest Russian scientific journals in the country, Doklady Akademii Nauk. At that time, researchers from the Land of the Red Bear found an accumulation of natural gas in the zone that formed the hydrosphere formation around the Siberian region. However, local scientists have not thought of further exploiting fire ice because of the nature of its compounds which are very susceptible to pressure changes. Based on the formation of the earth which is part of the solar system formed 4.5 billion years ago, the earth originated from interstellar molecular clouds which then condensed, forming various materials which were then scattered to the planets in the universe.


No wonder that on this earth there are still many unexplored natural resources such as fire ice. In fact, it is still a mystery because it is buried in the bowels of the Earth. From this interstellar molecular cloud contains materials that already exist today such as iron, calcium and so on. In fact, the raw materials that make up the heat from the sun are actually the same as the various materials that accumulated in the Earth, which may now be used as fuel. Hydrogen and gases outside the Sun after being formed 4.5 billion years ago were swept out which later became the planets, including Earth, which came from the formation of solid materials. However, according to its type, fire ice is a natural resource obtained by mining, and is non-renewable. Such natural resources still have the potential to cause problems to the environment and contribute to climate change. Like oil and gas which is still in the fossil fuel category . These natural resources are the same as still damaging the environment because there are mining activities that disrupt environmental sustainability and produce emissions. Instead of being proud of the discovery of ice fire in Indonesia, this encourages the use of natural and sustainable resources. For example, because the sun is used as energy or fuel, it is clear that it has no impact and is sustainable and is not exploited to cause damage to natural sustainability. It is believed that there is a lot of material in the Earth that has not been revealed until now. However, it is hoped that exploration that has the potential to damage nature should not be carried out. 

It is better to use technology to process the natural resources that have been provided. For example, the sun or wind become environmentally friendly fuels for cars with solar power systems or wind power plants.