Why do children like to destroy toys?

Why do children like to destroy toys?|children, like destroy, toys
Why do children like to destroy toys?
Why-do-children -ike-to-destroy-toys?
This question is quite confusing for parents. However, parents don't worry about it, it is a form of expression for the little one. There are many reasons why your little one can break a toy. parents must understand it, so they can handle it in the right way. Reasons Why Children Like to Break Toys Children need to be directed to be able to play actively but stay positive Basically, breaking a toy is an attitude. This is one aspect of Early Childhood development. Little ones who damage toys can be caused by several reasons. Among the many reasons found are as follows: 

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1. Self-Expression to Seek Attention Why do children like to destroy toys? 
The first reason could be because your little one wants to express themselves. This is done as a way to get attention from parents or those around them. In dealing with emotions, your little one's abilities are still very limited. Emotional outbursts, in the form of hunger, tiredness and the like, are still unable to express the right emotions. Therefore, not a few children express their emotions through the toys that are being played. 

2. Curiosity and Curiosity Another reason is because the little one is curious with a high curiosity. This behavior shows the Little One's experiments to improve their understanding. The level of intelligence of children is in line with the level of curiosity they have. The more curiosity increases, the intelligence also increases. This is one of the reasons your little one wants to explore an object, one of which is a toy. Curiosity to operate it, even make the object damaged. 

3. Fun New Skills Basically, why do children like to destroy toys? 
This is a fun new skill for your little one. This ability is generally found in children aged 18 months to 3 years. Breaking toys is a process of honing your little one's motor skills. Therefore, parents do not need to worry about this little one's habits. Instead of stopping it, help your little one to practice his skills appropriately and in a fun way. 

4. Embodiment of Imagination Damage to toys can also be caused by the embodiment of the Little One's imagination. 
This can happen because of watching movies or playing certain games. Then, the little one finds a similar object and wants to practice according to what he sees. Basically, the behavior shown by the Little One should not be faced with anger. This is because destroying the toy is one of the expressions of the Little One in imagining.
5. Shows Boredom Parents don't need to be angry when their child breaks a toy. 
Why is that? The Little One just shows his boredom clearly. This is done to get parents' attention. If this happens, parents can distract them by providing interesting toys. In addition, parents need to provide limits on items that can be thrown or not. For example, give your little one toys made of plastic, balls and the like. Instead, avoid your little one throwing things in the form of smartphones, remotes, and the like. 

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How to Overcome Children Like Breaking Toys Parents must be curious about how to deal with the Little One who breaks the toy. As explained earlier, parents don't need to be angry when their little one breaks a toy. However, it can be dealt with in the following ways.

Let's find out! Parents should always provide positive direction so that the little one wants to take care of the toys. 

1. Understanding Your Little One's Perspective Parents may realize that their little one's behavior is unpredictable. This is because the Little One has not been able to express emotions well. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find Little Ones who show their expressions by destroying toys. Parents must be able to understand the perspective of the Little One. They can't express themselves well. Remain patient and always understanding of the behavior shown. parents try to help the little one to express emotions in a better way. 

2. Set a Good Example Instead of telling the little one to stop and scold him, it is better for parents to set a good example. A rude attitude will only have a bad effect on the Little One. parents can teach the right thing with real practice. 

3. Give an explanation when the little one is calm Why do children like to destroy toys? 
This can be due to the form of the Little One's self-expression. To overcome this, parents can let it calm down. Then, give understanding to the Little One gradually. Briefly explain that what he did was considered a bad act. In addition, parents can also explain the function of the damaged object. Give positive lessons, so your little one can understand them well. 

4. Overcoming the Little One's Anger in the Right Way It is not uncommon to find a child who breaks a toy as an outburst of emotion because he is angry about something. This should be well understood by parents. Deal with anger in the right way. However, parents should also pay attention to the little one's mood. As an alternative, parents can give the right object to express their emotions.

5. Provide Understanding Regarding the Impact of Negative Actions