Summary Connectors vs Conjunctions

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Summary Connectors vs Conjuctions

The main Similarity between conjunctions and connectors is that they both show a mental link between two statements containing a verb. The main difference is that only conjunctions also create a physical, grammatical link.
  • Conjunction : AND. Connector : additionally, also, besides this, futhermore, in addition, moreover, afterwards, next, subsequently, then, thereafter, as a result.
  • Conjunction : BUT. Connector : all the same, even so, however, nevertheless, nonetheless, still, yet, by contrast, in contrast, on the other hand, on the contrary
  • Conjunction : SO. Connector : similarly, likewise, in a similar way, in the same way.
  • Conjunction : OR. Connector : alternatively, if not, otherwise
  • Conjunction : BECAUSE. Connector : this is because, the reason is that.
  • Conjunction : BEFORE. Connector : beforehand, before this, first.
  • Conjunction : AFTER. Connector : afterwards, next, subsequently, then, thereafter.
  • Conjunction : WHILE. Connector : meanwhile, at this time, at the same time, at that moment.