20 wise words of Dahlan Iskan

20 wise words of Dahlan Iskan|dahlan iskan wise, motivation dahlan iskan, quotes dahlan iskan
20 Wise Words Of Dahlan Iskan


1. "Science and technology should not be inferior to politics."

2. "Innovation always violates, but is not innovating. bet everything for the country. God always gives an "a" value to anyone who has a noble character."

3. "Woe when innovation does not clog the guts."

4. "Something new always invites grumbling."

5. "Only a fool rejoices when he sees others suffering."

6. "Doing good for the country should not be half-hearted, life will be done."

7. "Any difficult problems can be solved by reading, but solving problems for the country, sometimes you have to accept grief."

8. "It's hard to see people succeed, it's easy to see people fail, in fact we have failed."

9. "Curses and hates are present in abundance when people are in harm's way."

10. "Surviving ridicule, advancing in the blue, the first sign of failure to die."

11. "Smartness often departs from failure."

12. “Slamming is so easy, it's as easy as we say oooooooooooooooooooo.”

13. "It's good to take criticism when it fails."

14. "Success doesn't come suddenly and smoothly."

15. "I'm really ready if I have to die. I have my own philosophy in dealing with age. Namely, the philosophy of "Intensifying age", Short life is okay as long as it is used very intensively"

16. "I remember the words of wisdom, "When I was young, I worked hard until I sacrificed my health to get rich. Old age spends that wealth to buy back his health and many fail."

17. “I am very pro youth. I believe only the young can be invited to race in all fields."

18. “The Best Gratitude Is Hard Work!”

19. “Rich is Beneficial, Poor is Dignified.”

20. “Everything must be in balance: worship earnestly as if you will die tomorrow, work earnestly, as if you will live a thousand years from now.”