10 Quotes Of Jusuf Kalla

10 Quotes Of Jusuf Kalla


"So, actually what's important is how I can be effective, which is to find a way. The goal of leading it can influence people to achieve goals. That's what I do."

"It is worth being grateful that the differences and diversity in this country are a gift, in essence they are all the same and those differences are the spirit of nationality as the glue of unity." 

"One word one deed." 

"The role of society is to be the eyes and ears of the apparatus." 

"The community must help the terrorist eradication apparatus." 

"Alms trains us to share happiness for our fellow human beings." 

"Relocating overcrowding to buildings could save two-thirds of the land, and the benefits will be felt for areas like Jakarta."

"I'm not afraid of defeat. But I don't want to be the one to lose. Those are two different things. Satya wants to win by making another strategy."

"Faster, better." 

"Don't waste an opportunity, if it comes, embrace it immediately."