Fill in the blanks with the suitable subordinating

Fill in the blanks with the suitable subordinating|exercises, because, as long as
1. I will Ignore him  As Long As he behaves like a fool
2. Marvin Felt As if he would have the flu forever
3. The only reason she called him was Because he could apologize
4. Nero fiddled Until Rome burned
5. The monster moved slowly across the street as if it was almost upon us
6. You should stay home so that you get your household chores finished
7. Samantha had always wanted to go to Istanbul Because she read about the heat
8. I like Pizza Because it is salty and tasty
9. Cinderella could go to the ball as long as she promised to return by midnight
10. the space shuttle will launch on time as long as the weather is good
11. I am only working until i wait to win the lottery 
12. I have to call home, so that the family knows I am going to be late
13. The tax collector checked my tax return because I sat there and sweated
14. He gives orders to his co-workers Until anyone cares
15. The Goblins pounded on the door Until the fairy godmother came and saved them