He had a meeting yesterday,..

He had a meeting yesterday,..|Because, as a result, yesterday


1. He had a meeting yesterday That's why he couldn't go to the movies with us
2. Doctors believe some bacteria are more resistans nowadys Because of the misuse of antibiotics
3. Since You have no more money to spend, you will have to stop buying useless things
4. I knew I couldn't win Consequently I didn't play in the match and I decided to do more practice to improve my performance for the next competition
5.As a result of traffic jmas I arrive late for work every day
6. She was Such an attractive woman that everyone wanted to invite her to their parties.
7. The Students were upset Since it was raining outside and they couldn't go out and play
8. You are not folllowing the doctor's advice For this reason you won't get better
9. Edward is so conceited that he won't even consider the possibility of not getting the job
10. As the rain had poured down for three days without any rest, there were floods in the area.
Note : 
For The Reason     : untuk alasan
Therefore               : Karena itu
As a result              : hasil dari
Thus                       : demikiam