Know the characteristics of children addicted to playing smartphones

Know the characteristics of children addicted to playing smartphones|children, smartphones, characteristics playing
Know the characteristics of children addicted to playing smartphones 

1. Children get angry easily when prohibited from playing smartphones. 
Sometimes as parents, we try to reprimand if children excessively use their time to play smartphones. However, if your child shows an angry response, crying, even raging, you should be careful. It could be a sign that your child is too fond of activities with smartphones and refuses when told to rest. 

2. Children have difficulty sleeping soundly 
Playing smartphones with the intensity of time until late at night, also a cause why children are easily restless and difficult to sound. They will look for the existence of a smartphone and refuse to go to sleep immediately. Sleep disturbances in children will cause fatigue, headaches, and immunity can decrease.

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3. Children's social skills begin to be disturbed
Making a smartphone a favorite activity can cause children to start withdrawing from their friends. The child feels enough with the smartphone and assumes he does not need his friend. Though playing and activities with peers can improve children's ability to socialize. If withdrawing behaviors begin to appear, it could be a serious sign that the child is starting to become addicted to smartphones and must be addressed immediately. 

4. Not interested in other activities and always ask where the smartphone 
The children  easily bored with other activities will ask to watch videos or play games on their parents' smartphones. Although it has been banned or offered other activities, children will refuse and choose a smartphone as their main activity. If it is like this, immediately to do prevention before smartphone addiction in children gets worse.