Tips and tricks when children are addicted to playing smartphones

Tips and tricks when children are addicted to playing smartphones|addicted smartphones, children smartphones, tips and tricks
Tips and tricks when children are addicted to playing smartphones 

1. Use limit time of smartphone. 
To do this, you must show a firm attitude to the time limit that children have when using a smartphone. You can determine when children can and when they should stop playing smartphones. For example, allow in the afternoon after finishing the bath or the appeal that when eating is not allowed to hold a smartphone. Tell carefully that playing smartphones for too long will make the eyes become tired quickly and the body becomes weak due to lack of movement. For children aged 2-5 years, it is advisable not to spend more than an hour using a smartphone. 

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2. Provide an 'outdoor playing' experience. 
The next child's best-educated tip is to provide an outdoor gaming experience. Playing in the yard will be a lot of fun for children and influence them to do more activities outside the home. Some of the choices of outdoor games that can be done in the yard include: swimming in a plastic pool, playing ball and basketball, or exploring by playing sand and painting with color paint. Also Read: "Activities to Do with a 1-Year-Old". 

3. Involve children with activities at home. 
Provide an opportunity for children to do activities that are usually done by their parents while at home. For example, on weekends make a plan to cook or make bread and involve them in the manufacturing process. In addition, activities such as gardening, planting and caring for flowers can also be an option that you can try with children. Also give an understanding that playing together with friends will add excitement and improve their ability to socialize. 

4. Prepare game interest educational him. 
Replacing digital games with original toys is also a solution so that children do not rely solely on smartphones. See the interests and interests, if the child likes to play racing games or robots, prepare toys similar to the characters in the game. Likewise with the spectacle that he likes, if the child is liking a certain movie character, give a toy figure based on his favorite character. Educational toys will help increase children's creativity and imagination in play.

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5. Invite children to recognize interesting things around them. 
Start to know what makes your child interested. For example, children begin to be interested in recognizing the names and characters of animals. If you have the opportunity, invite your child to visit a zoo or city park. Usually the city park keeps pigeons and visitors are allowed to feed. The experience of interacting directly with animals will teach children the importance of recognizing the world around them. In addition to animals, let the child recognize transportation, name

6. Install Parenting App. 
If you need help related to parenting and how to educate children, you can use a choice application that focuses on child parenting. Usually in parenting applications, there are various features and services that help you in solving various problems related to children.