Techniques to children learn during in pandemic

Techniques to children learn during in pandemic|in pandemic, children learn, parents
Techniques to children learn during in pandemic 

The Covid-19 pandemic, which occurred almost all over the world, shows the importance of the role of families in nurturing, caring for and educating children. This event restores the initial function of the family as the first and foremost center of the educational process for the child. Since learning activities from home are officially enforced by the government, which is carried out online and offline. 

As for the obstacles faced by parents in accompanying children: 
1. unpreparedness of parents in accompanying children. 
2. the behavior of children who often change (moody). 
3. Communication with teachers with parents is related to learning tasks. 
4. limitations of parents' ability to access and means 

The atmosphere of the house that feels comfortable with a flexible schedule can certainly make them unable to concentrate properly. Moreover, there are many conditions that make it also easy to lose focus.  Therefore, it is very important the role of parents in the learning of children while at home. Parents must be extra patient in accompanying children. Because not infrequently parents will be foggy with many lessons and tasks given by children's teachers in school. But there's no need to worry. 
Because the following tips can be a solution how to learn children in the pandemic period.

Parents Must Know , Techniques to children learn during in pandemic
1.Adhere to the study schedule
One way to learn children in pandemic times is to adhere to a study schedule. Even during a pandemic children learn from home, parents still have to enforce the habits that exist in school. Like getting up in the morning, taking a shower, having breakfast and getting ready for school. Children can start learning after breakfast until their rest time arrives. By following the school schedule as usual even though it is at home, this can keep children disciplined in learning. Then when it's time to rest, let him relax for a moment and stop his learning activities. To make it easier for children to adhere to their study time, it's good if parents make a set daily schedule. Starting from the waking hours, the hours start studying, until the study session ends. 

2. Check schoolwork 
Every day, children get assignments or homework from school. In this case it is very important for parents to always remind children of schoolwork that today must be done. Even though they are at home, it does not mean that children can laze and play all the time. It's best to make a schedule of completing tasks with children. Then evaluate all the schoolwork whether it can be completed properly and on time. 

3. Create a conducive environment 
One important factor that support children's way of learning in pandemic times is a conducive learning atmosphere. Therefore, it is very important for parents to determine a special study room for home. Choose a quiet study room to avoid distractions. So that children are easier to focus on learning. Avoid the sound of music, television or loud conversations while the child is learning. You also need to make sure your child is not tempted to play games or social media while learning with his gadgets. If necessary, parents can provide their favorite snacks and drinks to learn more excited. 

4. Contact the teacher when encountering difficulties 
As a parent, of course, parents have their shortcomings. Especially when teaching children to learn online. If you have difficulty in teaching and learning activities, you should not hesitate to ask the child's school teacher. This will certainly make it easier for you to overcome the learning problems you face. In addition, getting in touch with the child's school teacher can also help you to get information about what assignments or lessons the child should complete. In addition, conducting evaluations is also very important for parents to do in children's learning activities. This is to find out if learning activities while at home run smoothly in accordance with the schedule that has been set. You can ask the child what difficulties he feels and what solutions the child has to overcome it. It also teaches children problem solving. 

5. Accompanying children to learn 
Some schools do apply online learning such as conducting video conferences with teachers. But if the child's school does not implement it, then it is very important the role of parents in accompanying children while learning. You also need to practice patiently becoming a teacher so that children are easier to understand the lessons. No need to target children must be able to complete the tasks you give at one time. You also have something else to do. Give a little leeway to the target you give so that the child is free from stress on the lessons he learns.