13 Quotes Of Joko Widodo

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13 Quotes Of Joko Widodo

"We have to dare to make inroads. Don't routine, don't be monotonous, there has to be renewal, there's innovation."

"If it can be made easier, why is it difficult if it can be accelerated, why it should be slowed down."

"If many others are pessimistic about the eradication of corruption, I am an optimist. Eradicating corruption is easy as long as it is aware of the determination of the leaders."

"Have no interest, our interest is only one: for the people."

"The leader is decisive without hesitation."

"My children are the perfect givers of support in their disapproval of my work as city leader."

"It's just a task. No more and no less. Being the governor of DKI Jakarta is a mandate in a wider place."

"The development of a city does not only lead to physical development. But also the inner energy of its inhabitants."

"Think simple, act simple."

"There's nothing extraordinary that I've done. I'm just doing what I should have done."

"I rely on conscience when leading. It's as simple as that. But as it turns out, it's also not too simple when the crowd responds to it."

"I'm reflecting. Whose development belongs to and to whom? On the side of the community that has good luck can enjoy the so-called 'development', there are other communities that are just spectators."

"I'm also not allergic to demonstrations. I used to be demoted a lot, now I don't. Please demo, anyway I know what I have to do for the improvement of solo city development."