Short Biography and Wise Words Of Chairul Tanjung

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Short Biography and Wise Words Of Chairul Tanjung


Chairul Tanjung was born in Jakarta on June 16, 1962, in the midst of a fairly middle family

His father, A. G. Tanjung, was a journalist in the old order who published a small-paying newspaper. In the book Chairul Tanjung; The Cassava Child, told at length how Chairul lived his childhood. Told, little Chairul Tanjung through his days with joy as a metropolitan suburban child. He played with friends making knives out of nails that were crushed on the wheels of railway tracks near his home in Kemayoran. Although it seems dangerous, but it is an exciting and fun activity for him. In addition, he also often cycles every weekend in the Ancol area, while snacking on cheap confectionery, such as lontar fruit.

Wise Words
 --- (Chairul Tanjung) ---

"To do anything in a way that is not as good as possible, is a habit of life."

"Today I will be strong and firm, for I am responsible for my own happiness. Good morning!!"

"Happiness is simple. When I close my eyes, you smile."

"A great woman is able to keep her soul from being easily filled with uncertain things."

"Don't neglect what you already have, just because what you want is better than it."

"My eyes have a simple way of being happy, looking into your eyes for example."

"Love you, it's like breathing. Although sometimes gasped, choking, coughing, I continued to breathe. Don't stop loving you."

"Before accepting someone's love, make sure their loyalty is guaranteed for life."

"Memories always teach the meaning of loss."

"Do all things with love and love, and they will go beautifully."