8 Quotes of B.J. Habibie

8 Quotes of B.J. Habibie|quotes habibie, wise words bj habibie, what quotes of bj habibie

8 Quotes of B.J. Habibie


"I brought my friends to work at HFB then became MMB in Germany, at that time "numpang" studied. It's not about living forever."

"I am grateful to have been met by Allah SWT, two people who were indeed betrothed. I always say to my wife, you were born for me, and I was born for you. That's how I feel in my whole body."

"There can be no innovation if there is no superior human resource."

"I need a reliable person to keep the Indonesian nation producing renewable and non-renewable resources"

"That's why I'm saying it's a Long March. Not for one war, but fighting against proverty and ignorance, for the whole nation there is none but Muslims on the front lines."

"There are people who want me to behave and talk like President Suharto, but my kids are, 'No, we want to see you the way you are. Be yourself," he said.

"No one whispered to me about writing that decision. What whispers to me is my own brain."

"I can't promise you many things. I don't know if our life in Germany will be difficult or not, whether Ainun can still be a doctor or not. But obviously, I will be the best husband to Ainun."